The CNA to LPN or LVN Program

If you’re already working as an CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), you already know that you’re working at an entry level position and that you have a tremendous opportunity to move up in your existing nursing career. Becoming an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is the perfect start to climbing the nursing career the ladder, especially since as an LPN, you can continue on to become a RN (Registered Nurse).

The following offers some important information you need to know as a CNA interested in becoming an LPN or LVN.

Benefits of Working as a LPN or LVN

As is, a CNA can work under the supervision of a doctor or registered nurse only. As an LPN or LVN, a nurse exercises greater independence and can prepare rooms and administer medication. They can also command a higher salary. CNAs typically earn only $27,000 while LPNs average $40,000 a year.

Qualifying for an LPN or LVN Program

To qualify for an LPN or LVN program, you’ll need to first find the requirements of your state. Requirements vary across the nation, so you’ll need to check your state's board of nursing for specifics. What’s required in say, California, could significantly differ from what’s required in Missouri or Maine, although experience in a hospital stay and hours in a specific study such as maternity or pediatrics for example, are required across the board.

The LPN Program

LPN programs typically last two years. The exact length of your LPN program may vary since as previously mentioned, state requirements vary. You’ll need to complete a specified number of practical hours in a hospital or medical center as well as attend required classes. You'll additionally need to pass the national NCLEX-PN as well.

In the long term, one of the more vital practices of nursing lies within a strong force of qualified CNAs. The question is: is this enough? If we pay any attention to the mounting news reports which predict a massive nursing shortage in the next few years, the answer is simply, no. An influential part of the solution to the shortage problem rests in an adequate number of qualified LPNs generated now.

Register for an online LPN program today. The investment that you make in yourself is an investment in our nation's future.

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